Ways of solving riddles

If you are free and want to do something to keep mind active then solving riddles is the best option. Riddles test how smart the person is. Most people solve easy riddles but some people solve hard riddles if anyone faces problem while solving riddles then here are some ways to solve even difficult riddles

Online discussion

This is one of the easiest ways. There are many people in the world who love solving hard riddles so you can find such kind of people online and communicate with them. Some people may give solution of hardest solution.

Find out riddles magazines

There are many magazines that you can find out around yourself. These magazines help to solve all types of riddle. You can choose magazine according to your choice.

Practicing on Riddles

You may find it helpful to start riddles with easy answers. Riddles are available online and in many books. Riddles tend to assume that the answer should already be known.

Break down riddle into small parts

With the enigma, riddle starting from the word feet and word is repeated then think about the feet. Think about who has four feet? Many animals like lion and tiger and cars and chairs. Who has two feet? Answer is human beings. Nobody has three feet so like this think about the every word

Try to get other information in the riddle

The other information may be time like morning, noon, evening. Riddle may be start with morning and end in evening so it means riddle is asking about something full day. Be careful to avoid over thinking like in riddle word noon can be given it does not mean 12 pm every time it may mean middle of something.


When you read riddle, you should be fully concentrate on each and every word in the sentence without concentration you cannot solve riddles.

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