Impatto Fiat – Marketing Battle In Every Field

Fiat has made a comeback in North American market and they are using their most popular vehicle for marketing, Fiat 500. The compact vehicle has won hearts of it’s customers and millions of cars have been already sold, in different regions of the world. It’s a perfect car for crowded roads and busy parking places. Fiat has hired Impatto, a well-known advertising agency for the marketing and the Impatto Fiat is fighting the battle of advertisement on every field.

TV commercials

Impatto Fiat has launched a television commercial, which is of 30 seconds’ duration only. But, it completely describes the simplicity and strength of the vehicle. The Elvis Presley song makes it more special. The company has planned more commercials, based on different features of the car. The short duration will save the money, but the comprehensive courage will bring new customers.

Print media

A comprehensive campaign has been launched, focusing the print media. Some attractive slogans are advertised outdoor to get the attention of the people. These slogans along with the pictures of the cars are advertised in newspapers and magazines, telling about the features of this little giant. Impatto Fiat has introduced some creative tag lines.

Social media

In this changing world, no one can ignore the importance of social media for marketing. Impatto Fiat has not ignored this factor and make their appearance on Facebook, YouTube, twitter and other platforms. The millions of facebook fans and thousands of twitter followers are proof of the success of this campaign.


Websites play a very important role these days and the website of Fiat is quite rich in this regard. It offers complete range of their vehicles, their pictures and detailed specifications. Customers can also find information about the merchandise and available accessories.

Impatto Fiat has made a strong come back and that is clearly shown by their presence in all automobile related events.