Types of drug tests

As we talk about some of the general drug tests than we came to know that there are a Blood test, Hair test, Urine test, Breath test etc. because with these test an investigator could know that the practitioner is a drug consumer. Hence it can measure the number of drugs in the system of an individual. These tests provide a testing window and give them more information about the complete drug use of an individual.

Breath tests

Here we will now discuss some of breath drug tests. A breath test is done for checking that how much alcohol is currently present in the blood. But by performing these test lab cannot find the actual measurement of alcohol in the body of an individual. But sometimes it is required that if a breath test is not responding much, we should go for a blood test.

Urine tests

The urine test is a most common test in the full body measurement of drugs consumption by an individual. Rather it detects the total quantity and also measures the degree of accuracy in the system of the body. Generally, these tests are not so helpful in detecting the alcohol consumption and thus, cannot be used or performed for that purposes.

How much time drugs remain in the body?

Here is the list of some drugs which are used much:

  1. Alcohol – 1.5 hrs
  2. Cocaine – 2 – 10 days
  3. Heroine – less than a full day
  4. Morphine – 2 – 3 days

These were the estimates of the length of time. Or these are the time period of drugs which remains in the body of an individual for how much time. These are generally can be determined as if these are been taken in the normal quantity. These drugs can be detectable for a different period of time according to their quantity.