Reborn Silicon Baby Supplies – Make Your Own

Silicon babies are adopted by many people as hobby. You can buy them from the market as many artists are making this realistic babies. However, you can also create your own Visit this site, which is rewarding. You will get a sense of satisfaction but you can show your craft to your friends and family. You can also make some money, by selling them to interested friends. However, it is important to know that what are the supplies you will need in order to make new baby.

Reborn silicon babies are the dolls, but they are not made form the scratch. Rather a doll made from the plastic is transformed into a new realistic doll, that is why they are called “reborn”. Here are few supplies you will need to make your own silicon babies.

  • A baby doll is the first requirement. Prefer a doll, which is made from vinyl, which is close to real human skin. You can also go for the mixture of silicon and vinyl, which is considered the most realistic material.
  • Another important thing, you will need to create reborn silicon babies is the paint. Heat set paints are preferred as they are ore long lasting and look like the original human skin.
  • Hair is an important part of reborn silicon babies. Some artists use wigs on the dolls, but that don’t give the real look. You can get real human hair or the Mohair are preferred for their real looking properties. Rooting of real hair is a time taking process but the result is exciting.
  • If you are making an open eye doll, you need to replace the plastic eyes with real looking eyes. You can choose blue or brown eyes, whatever you prefer.
  • Glass beads, which are used to add the weight in a doll are also required. You can add as many beads as you want, but make sure that you know that where you should put the poly pallets and what will be the location of glass beads.



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