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Gorilla 10X20 Grow Tent: Realize your Dream of Indoor Garden

Have you always dreamt of an indoor garden but found it difficult to because of lack of soil and space? Do you live in an apartment in a high rise building and think that it is impossible to grow a garden inside your apartment?  Well, now is the time to realize your dream as Gorilla 10X20 grow tent makes it possible for you. It is a wonderful tent that allows you to grow plants of your choice through a technique called hydroponics.


Grow tent allows growing plants indoors using hydroponics

Gorilla is a brand of grow tent made by Flora Hydroponics, a company well known for its high quality products. This particular tent is a wonderful offering from the company. It is made of canvas and it is waterproof to hold water for your plants to grow. It is coated with light reflective material so that your plants get ideal light and warmth to grow thick and fast. This tent is strong and durable and with a frame made of metallic poles, you can rest assured that your plants remain protected all the time.


Extend height using extension kit

If the plants you are growing have the potential to grow more than the height of this grow tent, there is a provision to extend height up to 1 foot using an extension kit. The tent has multiple access points in the form of doors to look and take care of your tender plants. You can make your plants grow in any direction inside this tent with the help of suitable lights. The size of Gorilla 10×20 Grow Tent – 10% Off for Limited Time is actually 10X20 feet, making it a huge garden in your room in the apartment. This particular tent is 308 pounds heavy and it is available for $2699. It is going to be a one-time investment for you.

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