Broadband without Fixed Line Telephone: BRZI Internet

Many people search Google to know if it is possible for them to enjoy fast speed internet without being asked to pay monthly rental for a fixed line telephone. In this age and time of smart phones in the hands of all members of the family, a fixed line phones appears to be a liability than asset. Most broadband subscribers never make or receive a call on their fixed line phone and it is mostly lying unused in one corner of the room. For these customers searching for internet connection without fixed line phones, there is finally an option called BRZI internet.


These days internet connection is perhaps the most important utility in the lives of most people around the country, at times even more important than electricity (even though electricity is required to run the router and of curse your computer). Most people do have broadband connections but they find a fixed line phone being forced upon them even though they do not ask for it.  But now, no matter where you are living, you can hope to get fast speed internet without a fixed line phone from these companies using the power of fiber optics.


Fiber optic cables have been laid underground in most parts of the country. Private communications companies are making the most of this fiber optics, providing fast speed internet and television services to their customers without asking them to get a landline connection first. You can also get a mobile broadband to get access to internet without paying monthly rental for fixed line phone. With mobile broadband speeds now getting faster and comparable to ADSL connections, you will not be complaining of speeds. There are also companies like Virgin Media who are providing fast speed internet without fixed line phones. Get BRZI internet today to stop paying monthly rental on your fixed line hone.

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