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    Big Changes for 2017! | Louisville KY Photographer | Kelly Beach Photography


    “It’s all happening!…” – Almost Famous

    Anybody else LOVE that movie??:)I had to use a quote from it since it’s one of my favorite movies and because it was so fitting for everything I’ve been needing and wanting to update you all on lately!

    The last year has been a complete whirlwind for me both in business and personally – on top of the usual day to day business this year I was planning my wedding, sending my daughters off to high school and my husband and I bought a house! Needless to say, it’s been a little difficult to keep up and stay connected to you all with Facebook, Instagram and my blog. It may have looked like I was slowing down or going out of business but I’ve been busier than ever and I’ve been anxious to tell about all of the new things going on!


    You read that right..I’m changing my name!:)I’ve been in business for the last 8 years as Kelly Beach Photography but over the next few months, I’ll gradually be transitioning everything to my new last name: Kelly Dillman Photography!

    If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know that just a little over a month ago, I got married! (see our family photo below! :)) My new husband, Matt, has been one of my biggest fans and supports me so much and it means the world to me to have my business take his name too.  I’ll be keeping my email and website as and for a while but the logo will show my new name. I’ll be mentioning the change as often as possible to avoid confusion until I fully phase out the “Beach” part.  I know it will be slightly confusing for a while but I’m going to keep the same overall look to make it a little easier in the meantime:) 11x14 2




    I am SO happy to announce that I will be opening my new HOME STUDIO for business in just a few short weeks!!:) I can’t wait to have this new option for newborns, seniors, toddlers, cake smashes, families…I have so many ideas for images in my head that I’m so excited to create!  I’ve gone back and forth for years about whether or not to have a studio. Everyone tends to think of the “studio” photos from back in the day – bad lighting, fake backgrounds and cheesy props (giant graduation year numbers anyone?? :))  so the trend lately has been to have photos taken at beautiful outdoor locations with sunset light and breezy warm weather in a field full of flowers. While that is and always will be my favorite way to shoot (as you can see from my work), there are some problems with it sometimes:

    • it can be very difficult to come by (we live in Kentucky remember??:)) As I write, we are on about our 4th day of rain and dreariness and I’ve lost count of how many shoots I’ve had to reschedule in order to get the perfect weather:(
    • Kentucky = allergies and asthma:(Speaking from personal experience – stuffy noses, watery eyes and breathing trouble make those outdoor shoots very difficult sometimes
    • Newborns are very sensitive to temperature changes and their environment so outdoor shoots may not always be the best idea
    • Newborn moms are very tired!  Most new moms I work with don’t want to have to worry about having the house clean for their newborn shoots and it can really stress them out.  My new home studio will be a warm, peaceful place where you can relax and be comfortable and leave all of the cleaning to me!:)

    It will be so great to have a convenient alternative with a whole different look but I promise you that I will create studio images that you’ll be just as in love with as you are with the on-location images!  So check back shortly for some photos of the new space in progress and then all of the fun previews of my first studio shoots!


    Last but not least, I just completed my second year as School Photographer for a local private school doing school portraits for every student – preschool through 12th grade – as well as photographing their graduations and other big school events. It is an enormous job but I love being able to provide them with a fresh alternative to traditional school portraits!

    I would love to take on another school for spring portraits so if you are a teacher/principal/ PTA officer and are interested in having me be your school photographer as well, email or call me and we can arrange it!


    Thank you all so much for following my work and caring about something I care so much about.  I am truly so thankful and lucky to get to have a career that I absolutely LOVE.  It always makes me so happy to capture the best moments of people’s lives. The giggles of a toddler, the sweetness of a new baby, the love and excitement of a couple on their wedding day, the confidence of a high school senior – none of it ever gets old! I look forward to watching my long time clients grow and am excited to meet some new ones this year as well! I hope you will all continue to follow my work and stay with me as “it’s all happening” 😉 !


    ~ Kelly

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    Precious in Pink | Louisville KY newborn photographer | Kelly Beach Photography

    I never can come up with words good enough to describe these sweet little newborns I get to photograph…which is probably why I make a better photographer than writer lol:)Hopefully these pictures capture how completely tiny and precious this little baby girl is and how much her parents completely adore her too:) 2016-07-18_00142016-07-18_00152016-07-18_00162016-07-18_00172016-07-18_00182016-07-18_0019

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    Rebecca & Patrick | Louisville KY Wedding Photographer | Kelly Beach Photography

    This year is kind of turning into the “Year of the Weddings” for me!:)Every year I seem to get either a lot of newborns, a lot of high school seniors, a lot of families – how crazy that this year is the year I’m getting married myself and end up shooting tons of weddings too!:)It’s good for me I think because it keeps me in wedding mode and hopefully will keep me from forgetting all of the important things I need to do for my own!:)

    Rebecca and Patrick had a sweet, intimate wedding on a gorgeous day.  I love that they got married right on the river’s edge and chose a bright and colorful theme.  I love big glamorous weddings too but I think fun, personal, laid back weddings like this are just as much of a good time! It was so relaxing and everybody had a blast!


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    Summer Minis Round 1! | Louisville KY Family Photographer | Kelly Beach Photography

    I just adore this little guy! This is my third session with him and he he’s the smiliest thing ever:)And just when I think he can’t get any cuter, he gets all of these adorable curls and freckles!:) He and a blast with his mom and dad down at the Waterfront for my summer mini sessions even though it was crazy hot out. I think it’s just being down by the river though – being by the water and feeling the breeze kinda makes you forget the heat for a minute -lucky to be so close to such a beautiful spot in our city!

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    Roswell | Louisville KY Photographer | Kelly Beach Photography

    2016-06-20_00032016-06-20_00022016-06-20_00012016-06-20_0004Family portraits don’t always have to focus on we humans:)Roswell, this family’s Rottweiler, was the star of her own special shoot. I wish it were for other reasons, but unfortunately, this shoot was bittersweet because Roswell had recently been diagnosed with cancer and won’t be with her family much longer:(It broke my heart but at the same time it was such a beautiful way to memorialize her place in the family.

    We lucked out with a perfectly gorgeous evening and I absolutely adored the flower crown that they had made for her just for her shoot.  She was the sweetest, calmest dog and I was honored to get to capture these memories for her family.

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